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Runnersworld.com | Top headlines

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No? Perhaps our RaceFinder can help.
Hit the Dirt!
Check out our new Trail Running section.
Recipe Finder
Our Recipe Finder tool has hundreds of healthy dishes—all easily searchable and sortable.
Ask the Race Director
"Races should allow the transfer of race registrations, should a runner be unable to make the event," says Gary.
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Challenger of the Week
This week's featured Challenger may look familiar—Valdi Sapira, a New Jersey ER doctor, took part in our Half-Marathon Challenge last year. This time, he's training for a full marathon.
Fall Shoe Guide
Browse our reviews and find the perfect pair for you.

Runnersworld.com | Running and health

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Runnersworld.com | Daily stories

Usain Bolt: Ready for his Double
Also: Tyson Gay has other ideas; Radcliffe, Kastor, Ndereba, NYC's power trio; Dibaba pulls out of 10,000...
Radcliffe's Surprise Announcement
Also: Ryan Hall will run Philly Distance Classic; One false start and you're out; Chat with Fasil Bizuneh...
U.S. Distance Women are Mighty
Also: Could Ethiopia sweep women's marathon?; Could Kenya sweep men's 1500?; Jamaica is getting peculiar...
Ask the Running Doc
"I have had a pain in my inner thigh for eight months now," says Eric. "How can I get rid of it?"
Ask the Sports Dietitian
"According to this week's
Peak Performance
Running is good for the knees; exercise + diet lowers Alzheimer's risk; does Paula drink beetroot juice?...
Shoes & Gear
"While the Garmin 405CX is a minor update to the 405," says Sean, "the 310 breaks some new ground."
Caption This Photo! No. 36
No matter how hard he ran, Phillip couldn't help but feel someone, or something, was holding him back.
Is That a Pistol in Your Shorts?
On our list of Scary Questions We've Heard This Week, this one has got to be at the top.
Meet 'Lacey,' Your Virtual Assistant
Lacey's job is to make your RW Daily experience as smooth, pleasant, and efficient as possible. For instance...

Askmen.com | Health stories

Build An Iron Back

Nothing says fit like a chiseled, muscular set of shoulders and upper back. Women love it - so here's how to get it.
Sports And Twitter

Matt King thinks so. Here's why.
STDs That Show On Your Face

You don't need to pull down your pants for us to see that you have genital herpes. It's one of the STDs that show up on your face.
Metabolism Myths

Does eating before bed really lead to fat gain?
Matt Stafford Interview

After an 0-16 season, the Lions are banking on No. 1 pick Matt Stafford. He sat down with AM to explain how he'll save the franchise.
Weekend Warrior Injuries

What are the activities most commonly associated with weekend warrior injuries?

MSNBC.com | Fitness stories

Pump up the volume, pump up your workout

Turning up the volume on your tunes may give you a better workout.New research has found that women could pump up their workouts, especially their strengthening exercises, when they pumped up the volume on their favorite tunes.

Student injuries in gym class jump 150 percent

Gym class mishaps hurt an estimated 60,000 kids in 2007, according to the first-ever national look at P.E.-related injuries. Injuries to American children during gym classes increased by 150 percent from 1997 to 2007, a new study finds, raising questions about more vigorous P.E. and adult supervision.

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Ads by Pheedo

Keep your young athlete safe

Playing a sport can bring many benefits to kids' physical and emotional health. But sports injuries in are common. Here's how to keep your young athlete safe.

Tiny stair-climber steps up your workout

The lightweight InStride Electronic Stairstepper is billed as the perfect exercise machine for apartment dwellers living in cramped spaces — but could the teeny gizmo really help burn calories?The lightweight InStride Electronic Stairstepper is billed as the perfect exercise machine for apartment dwellers living in cramped spaces — but could the teeny gizmo really help burn calories?

With parkour, the whole world's a playground

Freerunning and parkour, or "the art of moving," are activities using the basic capabilities of the human physique to move fluently and swiftly from one point to another.Parkour and a related activity called freerunning have been glamorized in YouTube videos, but if you're going to vault over urban walls and benches, beware of safety risks.

Presented By:
Want to get fit? Walk or bike to work
Walking or biking to work, even part way, is linked with fitness, but very few Americans do it, according to a study of more than 2,000 middle-aged city dwellers.

Being active may help lift sense of hopelessness
More active men seem to have a rosier outlook on life, new research from Finland shows.

As 23 states get even fatter, heavy costs loom

July 1: For the fifth year in a row, Mississippi ranked first in fatness, according to a Robert Wood Johnson study on obesity in America. NBC's Brian Williams reports.  (Nightly News)Mississippi's still king of cellulite, but an ominous tide is rolling toward the Medicare doctors in neighboring Alabama: obese baby boomers.

Capri pants bare scourge of summer: ‘cankles’

Still obsessing about how your dimpled thighs, jelly belly or flappy arms look in a swimsuit? That’s so last summer. This year, there’s a new body part to fret over: the cankle.

NYTimes.com | Fitness stories

Dig Out the Spandex and Feel the Burn
At a Los Angeles dance class, the dress code (think Jane Fonda) is as intense as the workout.

Staying Fit When Eating Is Your Job
How Padma Lakshmi, host of “Top Chef,” and others who eat for a living, stay in shape.

Observatory: Garlic for a Healthy Heart? Go Fresh, Study Says
A study suggests that for certain elements of cardiac health, fresh-crushed garlic is better than processed.

Fitness: The Trapeze, the Catwalk, the Gym
Health club members who are looking for novelty in their workouts are flocking to the unorthodox classes.

Supplements for Athletes Draw Alert From F.D.A.
Consumers were told not to use body-building products that are sold as supplements but may contain steroids.

Personal Best: Seeking Help for an Injury, at Any Price
A bad injury dispels doubt about a new treatment with minimal study behind it.

Advertising: Got Milk? For Sports Drink Maker, Nestlé Says No
CytoSport, a company that has instigated many trademark battles over the word “milk,” finds itself up against a much bigger opponent.

The Minimalist: 101 Simple Salads for the Season
These summer salads minimize work at the stove and capitalize on the season, when great fruit and vegetables are plentiful.

Data Show Manhattan Is Svelte and Bronx Is Chubby, Chubby
At the neighborhood level, socioeconomic and demographic factors are the strongest predictors of high obesity rates, experts argue.

Hard Times Are Jamming the Ashrams
Yoga retreats with chores attract the weary and unemployed.