Monday, May 13, 2002

Anonymous political Web site opens
The news service focuses on Pennsylvania politics.

Surfing for information on Pa governor's race
A wealth of information can be found online.

Thursday, Feb. 8, 2001

Forensic tests in dancer's death complete
An indictment is still months away, said a Burlington County prosecutor.

Sunday, May 16, 1999

Givers with county ties favor Makowski-Pizano
Pair running for commissioner spots raise more than $64,000 from Luzerne County government employees and those who do business with the county.

Sunday, Sept. 27, 1998

County debt shuffle puzzles experts
Luzerne County officials say they are saving money, but a couple of financial specialists see a drawback looming.

Wednesday, Sept. 8, 1998

Crossin snubs state ethics law
Democratic county commissioner acted inappropriately when he voted in January to pay $1,500 to his own insurance company.

Wednesday, July 22, 1998

Controller paid up front for trip
Luzerne County Controller Tom Pizano and his deputy, Tom Dugan, won't have to be reimbursed after their 656-mile round trip to a statewide convention in Erie. They've each already received a check for $757 to cover the cost of gas and their hotel rooms, even though the five-day trip isn't until next month.

Saturday, July 4, 1998

Ballot box revolution goes forth
Capitalists of Luzerne County unite. There are no Communists here. There was one Socialist in Exeter, county voting records say. But he moved to Pittsburgh this year and became a Democrat.

Thursday, April 23, 1998

DA declines to enter printer-pricing quarrel
Prothonatory says a printer, who is connected politically, is charging Luzerne County more than double than is necessary for services.

Saturday, April 18, 1998

Pricey printer not her type, Medico claims
The top prosecutor in Luzerne County won't investigate a politically connected printer who might have overcharged Prothonotary Carolee Medico.

Thursday, April 16, 1998

Luzerne County pays first, OKs later
Some people call the system of bill-paying backwards, but county officials say it's efficient, safe and courteous to vendors.

Wednesday, April 15, 1998

County to furnish agenda to group
Taxpayers organization battled commissioners for a year in effort to receive a copy of meeting agenda.

Saturday, October 4, 1997

Sabotage suspected
A private investigator hired by Pennsylvania Power & Light believes someone sabotaged one of the Susquehanna nuclear power plant's backup generators three months ago. But the investigator found no proof and was unable to learn who did it, so his official finding is "not conclusive," say federal regulators and a PP&L executive.

Saturday, March 16, 1996

Kreisher rigged election auction
Assistant DA admits being plant; prosecutor says it's legal