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Tuesday, December 27, 2005
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State's Supremes shouldn't rule on pay raise suits

The Supreme Court should have recused itself on two cases about the now-repealed legislative pay raise.The Pennsylvania Supreme Court will hear activist Gene Stilp's lawsuit and decide whether state lawmakers violated the law by taking "unvouchered expenses" before their now-repealed pay raise.

Not, only that but the Supremes will also rule on a lawsuit by a judge seeking to reinstate his and the judiciary's share of the now-defunct pay hike.

This after Pennsylvania voters ousted justice Russell Nigro from the court on election day, making him the first Supreme Court judge who failed to be retained in state history, largely because of anger over the pay raise.

Can you say conflict of interest? Apparently common sense has no place in the Commonwealth's court rooms.

Both cases should be bumped immediately to the federal level, where the judges don't have a stake in the outcome.
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