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Wednesday, December 07, 2005
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Pa. gavel pounders turn money grubbers

Judges are suing to free their own Unconstitutional pay raises from those of the state Legislature and executive branches.A second judge in as many days challenged the Pennsylvania Legislature's repeal of its own pay-raise law as unconstitutional Tuesday.

Both challenges revolve around a passage in the state constitution designed to prevent the Legislature from docking the pay of judges as punishment for unfavorable rulings, and both ask the state's appellate courts to reinstate pay raises for the more than 1,000 state judges.

"We earnestly believe that the public interest is served by restoration of the judicial salary increase and elimination of the dependence of the judiciary on the Legislature for pay increases in the future," Judges John W. Herron and Albert W. Sheppard Jr. said in a joint statement Tuesday.

Just how does giving them more money serve the public interest, they didn't say. But I do agee with their latter point, that lawmakers should not be involved. How about simply tying wages to inflation, the way most private sector companies do it?

Unfortuantely, these robed thieves don't seem to have gotten the point voters tried to make last month when they failed to retain a Supreme Court justice over this very issue for the first time in state history.

For more about the pay raise repeal, click here.
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