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Sunday, October 01, 2006
Posted 11:13 PM by nears milestone on pageloads

Hey folks, just a thanks for reading me tonight and for making September the most successful month so far on this unfinished Web site's pageloads - 5,999 of 'em.

Not too shabby for a site designed originally just to serve as the online morgue from my newspaper reporting days.

Now it's becoming more of a social experiment, an interesting way for me to vent my frustrations - via the Daily Rant, and culling RSS feed sources from newspapers, groups, and issues I'm interested in.

It's a multipurpose Web site. An online Swiss Army knife of politics, journalism and more.

I'm a bit anal, though. I would have liked to have had at least one more page loaded. Building traffic on a personal Web site is kind of like watching the odometer in your car roll over mile after mile.

Meanwhile, I note the passing of yet another blogger-in-arms, PennPatriot, who has laid down the online weapon he used to fight for reform in Pennsylvania earlier this year.

Randy Potter, the real name behind the nom de plume, wrote to say, "I have chosen to retire from the PA blog scene because of some recent/wonderful/exciting professional opportunities related to my career and my family. Prayers really do get answered!"

I wish him well.

Finding the time to do what we do is a commitment that is hard to justify at times. It's even harder to monetize.

I promise not to bombard anybody with too many ads once this site reaches 10,000 pageloads per month - the benchmark at which I think it might offer value to advertisers. Be warned.

How callous of me and capitalistic, I know.

But I need to raise enough money to fuel my campaign for dictator. Buying votes costs plenty so be sure to give generously. I promise I'll remember you once I take office, if I don't use it all up on myself first and come back to you for more sooner.
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