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Saturday, September 23, 2006
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AP: Pa. should expect table games too

Why is a member of the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board asking about table games when they are not legal in this state?Looks like the Associated Press today virtually copied my Thursday rant about Pennsylvania being primed for full fledged casinos.

The only difference is, what I wrote is called speculation. What they wrote and shipped to newspapers across the state is called "news."

In the AP report, Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board member Joseph W. Marshall III is quoted as asking various racetrack owners if their facilities could someday accommodate table games.

No problem, they replied.

Big problem, I say.

One, Marshall should never have asked that question because there is no law legalizing table games on the books.

Two, if Legislative leaders think they can ramrod a table games law through theyway they did the slots law, and later their own now-repealed pay raise, they're sadly mistaken.

The public will no longer stand for these shennanigans and will prove it again on Nov. 7 when the polls open.

Yet, that still isn't stopping the push for more and more gambling. Gambling interest lobbyists are still pumping millions into the campaign coffers of our state politicians despite a ban against such contributions.

And even the friends of our local politicians are starting to lean that way.

"If you want higher-end customers, you need higher-end retail and higher-end restaurants," said Paul Levy, who co-chaired Philadelphia Mayor John F. Street's advisory task force on gambling. "And if you want people from Kansas rather than Kensington losing money in casinos, table games (help).


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