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Monday, May 15, 2006
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What else would $500 million buy?

It's hard to wrap your mind around the annual cost of Pennsylvania's Legislature at $500 million, so here are few things to compare it to in order to keep perspective:

Pennsylvania could almost afford to build one Lincoln Financial Center a year if it didn't pay its Legislature.Heinz Field, where the Super Bowl champion Steelers play, cost $281 million to build.

Citizens Bank Park, where the Phillies play, cost $346 million to build.

Lincoln Financial Field, where the Eagles play, cost $512 million to build.

Nike revenues from every Air Jordan sneaker made in a single year.

The price Merck paid to buy research companies GlycoFi and Abmaxis last week.

Kuwait's donation to Hurricane Katrina efforts.

Howard Stern's contract with Sirius Satellite Radio.

The contribution of New York and New Jersey for a World Trade Center memorial.

Habitat for Humanity's fundraising goal for building 100,000 new homes over five years.

The U.S. contribution to fight global warming.

Congress contributed $500 million to all 50 states to help pay for electronic voting machines, which most Pennsylvanians will be using for the first time on Tuesday.The United Nation's entire disaster relief fund.

Atlantic City casinos' rake and winnings from last August - the entire month.

Congress' total contribution in all 50 states for the new electronic voting machines Pennsylvanians will be using for the first time Tuesday.



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