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Tuesday, March 14, 2006
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Druce is loose again

Ex-state Rep. Tom Druce is now free on parole after killing a homeless ex-marine with his taxpayer-paid Jeep. Oh, and he's free to drive too.Better stay off the sidewalk and watch your step, former state Rep. Tom Druce was released from prison this week on parole for killing a homeless guy in Harrisburg with his taxpayer-paid Jeep.

Druce, 44, was released Monday after just two intermittent years spent at the Laurel Highlands prison in Somerset, a minimum-security facility with a special unit for geriatric male prisoners, at 8:50 a.m., according to state Corrections Department spokeswoman Sue McNaughton.

The four-term legislator from Upper Bucks County was a rising Republican star in January 2000, when Harrisburg police, acting on an anonymous tip, first questioned him about the death of Kenneth Cains.

Druce will serve the next two years on parole. During that time, he will be subject to conditions that include mandatory drug testing and a ban on the consumption of alcohol.

However, he already has his driver's license back.


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