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Wednesday, November 23, 2005
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Thanks for Giving us the land, suckers

I won't be blogging tomorrow, Thanksgiving, so that I can feast on fowl to celebrate the foul treatment of Native Americans and the victory of Manifest Destiny.

Hooray for the white folks. They managed to destroy whole nations of people who lived largely peacefully off the land and then promptly decided to hold a national holiday celebrating the decimation.

It wasn't until the 1970s, when the tribes were all but gone and limited to a few dirt poor reservations, that history teachers even acknowledged the slaughter and broken treaties that led to their demise.

And even that only came about from guilt feelings after a national Ad Council commercial showed Iron Eyes Cody crying - not for his lost land and desecrated ancestors - but over motorists littering highways.

Oh well, they've got casinos now. And the NCAA is forcing colleges like Indiana University of Pennsylvania to stop using racial epithets for their athletic teams' names and mascots, but only during the postseason.

Like that makes up for hundreds of years of lost culture. We've done our forefathers so proud.
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