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Monday, November 21, 2005
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Tax money for political campaigns?

Is taxpayer financing really the best idea for campaign finance reform?New Jersey taxpayers will pay for as much as $130,000 of state Assembly campaigns this fall in the 6th and 13th legislative districts.

But before the lynch mob forms to exact vengeance in a state teteering on bankruptcy and rife with corruption, know that this is a legal experiment at campaign finance reform.

Under the pilot program, known as the Clean Elections Project, the state said it would pick up the tab for the Assembly campaigns after each candidate raised 3,000 donations of $5 and $30. And of the five pairs of candidates trying to get the state money, only one - Camden County Democrats Louis D. Greenwald and Pamela Rosen Lampitt - raised enough of the small donations.

So much for reform. But the experiment does raise a good point.

Why aren't similar requirements in place for presidential candidates who receive taxpayer financing for their campaigns via that $3 checkoff box on your IRS 1040 form?

Just a thought.
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