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Saturday, November 26, 2005
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Singing Comcast's praises

Even tone deaf schmucks like William Hung can sing with Comcast's Karaoke on demand.It's pretty rare that I'll praise cable giant/monopoly Comcast here, but they did a nice job by including karaoke on demand for their digital TV subscribers.

Finally, the tone deaf can sing to their hearts' content in the privacy of their own home - and without disturbing bar patrons who might tend to throw stuff at them. (I include myself in both categories.)

If they really want to make this into something, they should let people submit videos of themselves singing off key. Isn't that why so many tune into 'American Idol', hoping to catch a glimpse of the next William Hung?

She bang. She bang.

In the old days, somebody used to bang a gong and a drugged up Chuck Barris would drag these people from the stage.

This is far more dangerous.
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