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Tuesday, November 15, 2005
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Bob Casey Jr. draws first blood

Pennsylvania Treasurer Bob Casey Jr. on Monday criticized Sen. Rick Santorum's involvement with lobbyists and unveiled a plan to require lobbyists to report every substantive conversation with federal lawmakers.

Casey, a likely Democratic challenger to the Republican holy roller in 2006, said the two-term senator is a leader of the "K Street Project," a GOP effort to pressure lobbying firms to hire Republicans and keep money flowing to the party.

"What happens at those meetings and as a result of those meetings, is at best of questionable ethics," said Casey, whose plan would bar members of Congress from "using threats or coercion" to influence hiring decisions of lobbying firms.

You may hate Casey for inheriting his name-sake father's mild anti-abortion stance, but you've got to admit the guy has balls. He's also the only high ranking state official who answered his own office phone when I was a newspaper reporter.

To read all about Bob, click here.
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