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Sunday, November 13, 2005
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About The Daily Rant

The Daily Rant is dedicated to an unknown bar owner in New Orleans I met on my second trip there.

His small hole-in-the-wall used to be along Canal Street. Who knows where Hurricane Katrina, that bitch, moved it or if he's even alive now?

What I remember most about his bar was that there was no door, just a bunch of plastic strips dangling in front. I've seen similar entrances on loading docks. Next to the strips, though, posted on a bulletin board was his own daily editorial cartoon.

The guy was no artist. Just a pissed off barkeep with a Mac and a printer in an extremely corrupt city in a very corrupt state in a pretty corrupt nation.

Drawing the cartoon and posting it was his way of venting and dealing.

Years later, as I look around my state and nation, I now know how he felt. I hope my rants here paint with words the way he used to draw.
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