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Tuesday, November 07, 2006
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Making it count

Hoping your vote today will change things?

Think again, as this primer clearly points out:


Monday, November 06, 2006
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Go vote and do some damage

Hey, I heard you missed us
We're back!
I brought my pencil
Give me something to write on, man!
- Van Halen
What's it going to take to get you to go vote today?And so ends my two week siesta from blogging, due in no small part to suddenly increased work demands. Something had to give.

But now I'm back with my fist in the air once more.

Before the May primary I urged you to look at some of the major issues facing Pennsylvania and to decide for yourself whether your legislator has done the job we're overpaying them for.

Now I say don't bother.

Just throw the bums out. All of 'em.

In the six months since the May primary, the state's grassroots reform movement has fallen apart and with it, the impetus to change the status quo.

We got lobbyist disclosure, without much true disclosure or reform.

Hell, the only reason modest property tax relief passed was to justify the start of slot machine - soon to be casino - gambling. And in true Pennsylvania fashion, the first slots parlor licenses were issued before the law could be reformed.

The twin pipe dreams of term limits and campaign finance reform are not even on the horizon now.

So, let's impose our own. Oust as many incumbents as you can.


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