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Friday, January 27, 2006
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Everybody has a price

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Thursday, January 26, 2006
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Pretty fly for a 'rich white guy'

Does Lynn Swann really look like a 'rich white guy'? It's not even spring yet and the silly season for politics has already started.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Scranton fired his campaign manager Wednesday for going on Pennsylvania Cable Network and saying GOP opponent Lynn Swann is "the rich white guy in this campaign."

Swann, an ex-Steeler and pro football Hall of Famer, is black.

If Swann wins the primary, and polls show he might, the race for governor will likely focus on two things - race and football - and both issues are sure to divide the state. Incumbent Democrat Ed Rendell is about as white as you can get and does TV commentary for the Eagles.

"Last night, I attempted to reach Lynn Swann to apologize to him, his family and supporters and PCN viewers for inappropriate and irresponsible comments made by my campaign manager, Jim Seif," Scranton said Thursday at a news conference on another subject in Erie on Thursday.

Seif in turn commended Scranton for acting "quickly, decisively and correctly," and said "that's one of the reasons he'll be a great governor."

Not if he hires idiots like Seif to run his campaign.


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